This Is Perfect

Well, I suppose that the John Hritz cloud had as silver lining after all.

This morning, Tim Ryan’s hometown newspaper reported he won’t be challenging RINO Mike in the general election. This is great news for the effort to replace Mike DeWine with a REAL Republican. After failing to recruit Ted Strickland, Sherrod Brown, and now Ryan, the Democrat Party’s last best hope of finding someone who can even make this a race lies with Paul Hackett.

Let’s be honest, Paul Hackett is nothing more than a flash in the pan. Sure, he had a good run in the August special election, but that was against Jean Schmidt, an fairly inept candidate who took the Republican majority in the Ohio 2nd for granted. What’s more, good run or not, he still lost!

Plus, even if (and this is a pretty big “if) Hackett has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the general election, he hasn’t even decided if he’s going to run yet. And let’s face it, after the Eric Fingerhut disaster last year the Democrats are better off just walking away from Ohio if Hackett says no.

Any Republican worth his or her salt is all but assured to an easy victory in November, so let’s not hear any more of this “but a messy primary could give the Democrats a chance to take seat” crap. I’m not buying it.

Here’s for hoping that Bob McEwen has one more good fight in him.


A DeWine DeFection?

Today’s Cincinnati Enquirer reported that Republican Senate candidate John Hritz has enlisted the help of Michael McNamara, who just two months ago was working on Pat DeWine’s miserably failed House campaign.

Just two months ago, Hritz's campaign manager, Michael McNamara, was working for the senator's son, Pat DeWine, who lost the June 14 GOP primary for the 2nd Congressional District. McNamara shrugged off the possible conflict of interest. "Pat DeWine went out of his way to make a distinction that he was different from his father and did not agree with him on the filibuster compromise," McNamara said, referring to the bipartisan agreement DeWine took part in to bar judicial filibusters except in extreme cases. […] "It's not a far reach for me to make a similar distinction between candidates," McNamara said. "Different views, different candidates."

The paper also noted that former Rep. Bob McEwen appears to still kicking around the idea of taking on RINO Mike in the Primary:

Former Rep. Bob McEwen, who also lost the 2nd Congressional District's GOP primary, is still spending time with Christian conservatives in Ohio who had supported his campaign. McEwen was a keynote speaker at a luncheon last week where hundreds of pastors were being recruited for the Ohio Restoration Project. The project, created by the Rev. Russell Johnson of Fairfield Christian Church in Lancaster, aims to recruit pastors who will pledge to register voters and work to promote a conservative agenda. The group could be a force to reckon with if members decide to back McEwen in his next endeavor, which some say could be taking on DeWine in next year's Senate race.

Clearly, Mr. Hritz is taking the idea of challenging DeRINO seriously, as he has hired a campaign manager, and given this major defection from the DeWine camp it’s obvious that his candidacy should be taken seriously. What’s more, with McEwen still apparently mulling a run at RINO Mike, it’s clear that Ohio conservatives are unhappy enough with our not-so-distinguished Senator to lend their weight behind a candidate who proves he/she has what it takes to win. These are all good things and, as always, I’ll pass along new information as it comes to me.

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It's On!

Finally, a Real Republican stood up and announced that he will challenge RINO Mike. Here’s the story:

Former AK Steel Corp. President John Hritz plans to challenge U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine, R-Ohio, for the Senate seat he has held for a decade.

Hritz said he has formed an exploratory committee to look into the feasibility of running against DeWine, who is from Cedarville, for the Republican nomination in the primary election in May 2006, according to a press release Tuesday.

Hritz had resigned as AK Steel president along with then Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Richard Wardrop Jr. Both men resigned by mutual agreement with the Middletown-based steelmaker's board of directors. After suing AK Steel (NYSE:AKS) seeking payment for his retirement and severance packages, Hritz and the company settled the lawsuit in March 2004.

Hritz is now president and CEO of Nashville-based Sentrinex Ltd., a firm that helps corporations develop safety measures.

"The United States, like Ohio, needs leaders who share the same concerns and values as their constituents," Hritz said in the release.
Ohio Republicans who are serious about having their values represented in the Senate need to let Mr. Hirtz know that DeRINO can and must be replaced by a Real Republican.

Also, Kudos to VikingSpirit’s Political Musings for picking up the scent!

Breaking: Could Today Be the Day?

If our friend at Vikingspirit’s Political Musings is right, today, John Hritz will announce his Senate run against Mike DeWine.

If that’s true, then finally the Republican wing of the Republican Party will have a reason to vote in the US Senate primary 259 days from today!

I’ll pass on information as it comes to me.


I couldn't agree more...

Ohio needs a replacement for DeWine who's really Republican

The last two times watching Ohio Sen. Mike DeWine address the U.S. Senate floor, I found it interesting that this liberal senator would even claim to be a registered Republican.

It is time for Sen. DeWine and others within the State of Ohio to reevaluate DeWine's liberal values alongside the Republican Party Platform and compare his values to the liberal Democrat Party Platform for him to decide which way he may choose to go. I believe you will find DeWine leaning more toward being a liberal Democrat than a true Republican.

How fortunate we are that liberal senators like Mike DeWine "were not" in the U.S. Senate while President Ronald Reagan was fighting the Soviet Union.

George Bush and America are fighting terror around the world, and our president needs his designated team in the U.N. We must win this "war on terror" now, before it reaches every city and street in America.

While being a true Ronald Reagan Republican, I find few Ronald Reagan values comparable with liberal Sen. DeWine. DeWine probably would have run and hid had he been serving in the U.S. Senate when President Reagan stepped across the 38th Parallel line in Korea. DeWine most certainly would have politically and verbally blasted President Reagan when, in Berlin, he told Soviet Union Secretary Brezhnev to "...tear down this wall."

Over the years, it has been a privilege meeting and talking with many, many citizens and family from Ohio. Many from your great state stop in our community while on vacation en route to the South Carolina beaches. Hard-working Ohioans always have been considered as very intelligent and with lots of common sense.

President Bush, the GOP and America need a different Republican U.S. senator whom we can depend on to support. You can change that in the 2006 Republican Party primary when liberal Mike DeWine is up for reelection.

Oscar Y. Harward
Watson Church Road
Monroe, N.C.


Breaking news: Conservatives are Answering the Call!

It would appear that the Republican wing of the Ohio Republican Party will finally get a chance to nominate a real Republican to run for the US Senate.

I’ll pass details along as they come into me.


As if I Needed Another Reason to Vote This Clown Out of Office…

Today, RINO Mike continued his crusade to thwart our Second Amendment rights by voting against a commonsense bill that would restrict frivolous lawsuits against gun manufacturers and dealers. This bill would keep ambulance chasing trial lawyers from suing perfectly legitimate businesses and driving them out of business, simply because a criminal chose to use their product in committing a crime. You can read more about the bill here, and here.

The bill’s sponsor, Idaho Senator Larry Craig, wrote a great editorial on the bill. It’s on his website. Highlights:

To most people, it makes sense that General Motors can't be held responsible for the actions of drunk drivers, or that Louisville Slugger shouldn't be sued if a criminal uses one of their bats to assault someone. To some trial lawyers and social activists, however, this logic does not apply to firearms dealers and manufacturers.


The firearms industry is not a mammoth industry swimming in cash. Many of these companies qualify as small businesses, and they don't have the financial resources to pay to defend themselves against endless lawsuits. Even if they win every case, that still can cost millions of dollars in legal fees. Congress must take action before this industry, so vital to Americans of all stripes, including law enforcement and our men and women in the military, goes bankrupt and shuts down. It is no stretch to say this is a matter of national security.


Just last week, the Senate approved the class-action reform bill with a strong majority of 72 senators supporting it on final passage. That was a strong signal that Americans have had enough of abusive lawsuits designed to line the pockets of trial lawyers or push a social agenda through the courts, rather than the halls of democracy. I agree, and I am happy to contribute to the solution and preserve our Second Amendment rights at the same time.
This is just another example of RINO Mike pandering to ultra-liberal Democrats like Teddy Kennedy, Chuck Schumer, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, when he should be standing up for the rights of law-abiding Ohioans. Hopefully the NRA and other pro-Second Amendment groups will join family groups in recruiting a real Republican to challenge DeRINO in the primary, someone who will represent the interests of Ohioans, not the interests of liberals in Washington, DC.


DeRINO Needs To Read This

I got a great email update from the Family Research Council over the weekend. It speaks volumes about how Republicans should treat the Democrats’ absurd request for every scrap of paper with John Roberts’ name on it.

Goin' Fishin'

In most of America "going fishing" brings up images of Mayberry's Sheriff Andy Taylor and his son Opie with their fishing poles heading off to Myers Lake. In Washington, D.C. "going fishing" instead conjures up the picture of desperate Democrats looking for anything bad to pin on President Bush's Supreme Court nominee, Judge John Roberts. Yesterday, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) indicated he would demand every internal legal memorandum written by the nominee when he served as deputy solicitor general for past Administrations. The ultimate goal is to find among the horde of memos some little tidbit the left can use against the nominee. This is not the first time the Democrats have tried this strategy. Currently the nomination of John Bolton to become U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations is being held up by a similar strategy. Previously the nomination of Miguel Estrada to the U.S. Court of Appeals was held up by a similar request for documents from the solicitor general's office. In response to this outrageous request for privileged memos, every living past solicitor general, both Democrat and Republican, wrote the Judiciary Committee warning that "any attempt (referring to document requests) to intrude into the Office's highly privileged deliberations would come at the cost of the Solicitor General's ability to defend the United States' litigation interests." These attempts by Senator Schumer using Barney Fife-type tactics exposing privileged documents should be quickly nipped in the bud. The signs have been posted: No fishing allowed.


CNN and the Boston Globe are both running reports that Democrats are gearing up for battle over Judge Roberts’ nomination. It’s no surprise to this Republicans that Democrat attack dogs like Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, and John Kerry are doing this. Clearly they are acting on Schumer’s declaration of war on President Bush’s thoroughly qualified Supreme Court nominee. It’s exactly what they did to Miguel Estrada and it’s exactly what they’re currently doing to John Bolton.

The White House has every right to withhold certain documents from Roberts tenure in the White House counsel’s office, if for no other reason than because the President’s advisors need to be able to communicate with him freely, and would be unable to do so if they knew their communications could be subpoenaed at will by partisan hacks on a fishing expedition.

It’s obvious what the Democrats are doing, but what’s DeRINO’s response? Nothing.

Hell, even John McCain is siding with the Bush Administration and refusing to put up with this nonsense:

Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, thought some documents from Roberts' work for the solicitor general probably could be turned over, but not material from his time as a lawyer for the first President Bush.

If communications between presidential aides and the president "are some day going to be made public, I think it could have a real chilling effect on the kind of candor in communications that people would have with the president," McCain said.

Here’s the most substantial comment RINO Mike could muster about the potential for a filibuster:

“There's no indications so far that there will be a filibuster, and I think that was the consensus in the meeting … But I think people are reserving the right to see what comes out of the hearings.”

So … basically all the Democrats said was that they don’t have enough dirt to mount a filibuster … yet? And that’s ok with you Senator? If Mike DeWine really expects “that Judge Roberts’ nomination will be thoroughly evaluated, and that he will be treated fairly, and with dignity and respect, by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and all members of the United States Senate,” then he needs to come out and denounce this ridiculous fishing expedition.